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"Having good phone skills"...It's not what you think!

If you have a private therapy practice or work in the healthcare field communicating with the general public, you may want to check out this post!

A Fractured Fairy Tale - "Perfectly Wicked"

Be sure to check out this new take on a popular Fairy Tale! Not only is it creative, well done and engaging, it's written by my 15yr old daughter. I hope you enjoy it!

The Improvement of Teenage Interventions

  • The interpretation of life's experiences is what allows us to grow and improve.

  • The measurement and recognition of those experiences is what allows us to interpret the meaning of our experience over time.

  • Research is the method by which we measure our experiences.

All of this sounds pretty boring...right?!  It is!
Except when you run a Wilderness Therapy Program for troubled teens, it is important to implement these principles in the therapeutic process of the program.

Personal Insight On The Cycle Of Addiction

Addiction is one of those afflictions that effects many people besides the addict or alcoholic. In this blog post, I share some personal examples of how others addictive behaviors have effected me and my family. Take a look, I hope you find this helpful!

A daring river rescue - 35yrs later

I recieved a birthday card from my mother the other day. Included in the envelope were three pieces of yellowing paper with a story that had been type written with a manual type writer. There was even white-out covering up some spelling errors.

This was a story I had written in 1978 about an experience my father and I had while fishing the McKenzie River just east of Eugene Oregon. I hadn't thought about this experience for many, many years! Take a look...

P0rn0graphy; Normal Teenage Curiosity or Virtual Addiction?

As a father of three daughters and one son, I am concerned about what they are exposed to on the web. There is no question that this life's journey brings with it inappropriate and often hurtful experiences. My responsibility as a parent is to love and care for my children, help them reach their god given potential, and assist them in navigating those rough waters they will inevitably face throughout their lives. I do my best to protect them from experiences or images that may be inappropriate, however, I can not shelter them either.

Read more on this sensitive and sometimes controversial subject.

An example of Holiday Generosity!

Every year I am amazed and disappointed with the attitudes and behaviors of grown adults on Black Friday. When I was growing up, the Holiday Season was one where society put aside selfish tendencies and took on a collective attitude of Caring, Compassion, Consideration and Generosity. It was a time of Love, Modesty, Respect and Tolerance.

Are these Black Friday events just a few isolated incidences, or has society moved away from the virtues of yesterday? I'm not sure.

Here is one instance where kindness and humility had a positive impact on a little boy in a land far away.

Words are a gift

Have you ever given much thought to the saying, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me"?

Words have power and emotion behind them. They can be used for good as well as evil. Check out his blog post where the value of words spoken kindly is discussed. You'll be glad you did.

Teens transcend the "Gall" of bitterness.

The Juniper gall is used to illustrate to students enrolled in RedCliff Ascent that regardless of how ugly our behaviors have made us, no matter what we have done whether by choice or circumstance, no matter how insignificant or unimportant we may feel, there is something beautiful underneath that dark, barky gall we think ourselves to be.

Family - When Relationships Matter Most!

As we enter the Holiday season, we tend to spend more and more time around family. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes, it creates stress. Here are some blog links that have some fun family stories to help put this family relationship thing in perspective. Check em out!

Disability - The Young Adult Dilemma

When you think of disability, often there are thoughts of wheel chairs, canes, head injuries or prosthetic limbs. Rarely do we think of young adults who have some minor cognitive struggles that affect their ability to focus on college or succeed inter-personally with bosses and co-workers in the workplace.

Young adults in this situation tend to get discouraged with life and often turn to destructive behaviors. Check out this blog post about my conversation with a mother of one such student and the plan we have to help him successfully navigate into the adult world.

What happens when troubled teens "Pay It Forward"?

Learn what happens when troubled teens have the opportuntiy to "Pay It Forward" through service to others who are less fortunate. It's amazing what these teens learn!

My Experience With Autism

My 14 yr old daughter wanted to write a post for my blog. Check out her first ever blog post will be glad you did!

Boundaries of the heart

What do you do when your kids take off running to see a mama moose and her calf? Do you yell at them to "STOP"? Do you chase after them? How do you keep them safe?

Learn some parenting tips that will work wonders in strengthening the parent/child relationship!

Characteristics Of Adult Children Of Alcoholics

If you were raised in a family where one of your parents was an alcoholic, there may be some residual emotional concerns even as an adult. These issues may have an impact on your relationships, even if you don't drink yourself!

If this is something you are interested in learning more about, please read more here:

When problematic sexual behaviors plague your teen.

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Student's involved in high end academics on a horse ranch!

The students at Discovery Ranch are placed there by their parents for emotional and family relationship concerns. However, the academics are that of a high end international boarding school. Having a boarding school and ranch blended together provides a pretty cool experience for these teens! Check it out:

What is the value of work, besides a paycheck?

Have you ever got up in the morning and said, "Aaaggghhhhh, I don't want to go to wooorrrrk!"
I assume it is pretty common. So, what is the value of work? Why is it important to work, beyond the obvious reason of a paycheck?
If you have ever wondered about this or thought there must be something better out there, you may want to check out this short post.

Why does suicide ever seem like a good answer?

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Why would a parent choose to place their teen in a wilderness treatment program?

There are many different family types and traditions! Sometimes teens and young adults demonstrate a "center of the universe" attitude and it causes friction in the family.

There are also many different therapy types that can involve teens. So, why would a parent even consider having their son or daughter attend a wilderness treatment program? Find out may surprise you!

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